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December 13, 2022, by Helen Whitehead

A pile of Advent ‘gifts’: Advent Calendar #13

A reminder of some of the ‘gifts’ that were on offer last year in our 2021 Advent Calendar. If you missed out – or just forgot about them, you may find just what you need this year!


Using digital tools more efficiently



Moodle Tips


UoN Learning Technologies Advent Calendar #13

  1. Advent Calendar #1: Welcome!
  2. Advent Calendar #2: Habits of Accessible People
  3. Advent Calendar #3: How to get an archive of your Twitter data – and close your account
  4. Advent Calendar #4: Timed Moodle Forum posts
  5. Advent Calendar #5: An academic’s guide to Echo360 Engage in Moodle
  6. Advent Calendar #6: Easily transferring your Teams recordings into Echo360 Engage
  7. Advent Calendar #7: Timed document release in Moodle
  8. Advent Calendar #8: The MHS Faculty Digital Learning Hub 
  9. Advent Calendar #9: Quiz review options in Moodle
  10. Advent Calendar #10: Viewfinder magazine – moving image and sound in education
  11. Advent Calendar #11: Student Engagement Cards resource
  12. Advent Calendar #12: Three keyboard shortcuts to quickly make documents more accessible in Word.
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