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December 19, 2021, by Helen Whitehead

Advent Calendar #19: BoB Playlists

Another box of delights to open today. In a previous entry in our Advent Calendar, we introduced you to BoB, the recording service from Learning on Screen. As well as being a recording service for staff and students at the University, BoB also can be used to create playlists of both TV and Radio programmes. This feature is useful for creating curated playlists around your subject area that can be used for research or revision. How about a Christmas playlist?

Learning on Screen has put together several curated playlists from different institutions on several subjects, ranging from Theology on Film to Shakespeare to Photography that you may wish to look at. Browse the Curated Playlists,

To start creating your own playlist on BoB, you can login to BoB here using your University ID. Learning on Screen has created a ‘How to’ playlist on Vimeo that you may wish to watch: BoB Tutorials: Playlists.

BoB Playlists

Advent  Calendar 2021

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