Activity slides in Engage

December 4, 2021, by Helen Whitehead

Advent calendar #4: Ways to poll your students

Polls and simple quizzes can be used during synchronous sessions (face to face or online) and also asynchronously to support learning by:

  • identifying gaps in learners’ understanding,
  • providing a simple way of actively engaging students in their learning,
  • a minimal form of feedback,
  • stimulate conversation,
  • establish a baseline understanding or opinion that you can then work on – and repoll afterwards,
  • provide variety in course interactions,
  • …. and many other purposes.

Microsoft Forms – Quick Poll

During a Teams meetings you can use Forms Quick Polls. Type “@Forms” and select Forms when it comes up, then the question, and the answers, eg. @Forms What is the capital of France? London, Paris, Lisbon.

Or click on the three ellipses under the message field, then Messaging Extensions, then, from the apps displayed. Forms. A page comes up in which you can type your poll details.

MS Forms Poll

The responses are kept within Microsoft 365; specifically, within the Forms applet of the person who created the poll. The Form will have the name of the question asked and because it is classed as a ‘Quick Poll’, it cannot be edited within Forms. Furthermore, the Quick Poll’s sharing of ‘anyone with the link’ cannot be amended, while the results are shown with in the Team for all to see.

Moodle Choice

Best used asynchronously, Moodle Choice is a poll that’s particularly helpful to get quick responses from students, perhaps before and/or after a lecture or learning activity.

Moodle Quiz (see yesterday’s Advent Calendar Door)

For more in-depth formative assessment, used asynchronously, Moodle Quiz offers many different types of questions including multiple-choice, true / false, and short answer questions.

Moodle Feedback

To capture feedback from students, particularly asynchronously, Moodle Feedback Activity can be used. It is also handy introduced as the last thing before leaving the class.

Echo360 Engage – for polls during live lectures

Engage lecture recordings can include a Q&A functionality which allows for lecturers to ask and respond to student questions as they watch the video. It’s also possible to use Echo360 Engage to create polls in a live lecture (not in a recording), by uploading your PowerPoint slides to Engage (Echo360). You can add activity slides either before uploading to Engage (Echo360) or after uploading. The activity slides can be used for quizzes or for polls. There are five different types of activity slides you can use: Multiple choice, Short answer, Image quiz, Ordered list and Numerical. Statistics are comprehensive.

Activity slides in Engage

And finally:

Advent  Calendar 2021

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