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December 1, 2021, by Helen Whitehead

Advent Calendar #1: A festive use for H5P

H5P logoIn our most recent Moodle upgrade we installed H5P. This is an alternative to Xerte Toolkits for creating small interactive items within the Moodle page. You can create, edit and re-use interactive content (e.g. multiple choice quizzes or virtual tours). These can be added as graded activities on your Moodle module or non-graded embedded elements within other Moodle resources like Page or Book.

Creating H5P is a two-step process.

  1. Create your H5P activity within the Moodle content bank or at H5P.org and then uploaded to the Moodle content bank
  2. Display the content from the bank in Moodle

The types of interaction that you can create with H5P in the University of Nottingham Moodle include an Image Bank, Accordion navigation, Chart, Drag and Drop, Flashcards, Image Hotspots, Memory game, True / False, Virtual tour and more.

One of my favourites is the Advent Calendar which we are debuting this December!

You can see the Advent Calendar in the Moodle module Learning Technology Advent Calendar 2021 (UNUK) (21-22) onto which you can self enrol for a real Advent Calendar experience!

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