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December 1, 2022, by Helen Whitehead

Advent calendar #1: Welcome!

Welcome to our 2022 Advent Calendar! Over the next 24 days we’ll be offering tips, tricks and even a few little gifts you can paste directly into your course and use…

This year we are using Xerte Toolkits for our calendar. There are lots of ways you can use Xerte for interactive features, and in this case we’ve used a simple Multiple Perspectives page. You can see the Advent Calendar in the Moodle module Advent Calendar (Learning Technology) (22-23)  onto which you can self enrol for a real Advent Calendar experience!

Alternative features we might have used for our Advent Calendar include the hide/show page optional property to time release of a page. You can check the “hide” box and then enter a date/time to hide or show the page from the fields below it. We could also have had a menu page at the beginning of the Toolkit which links to each of the others, or we could have had a 360 degree image or video that links to the content for the day (I might try that one next year!). (Thanks to the wonderful Xerte maven Fay Cross for the ideas.)

There are lots of new features in Xerte recently: if you use it take a look!  For those who haven’t yet tried it, see this blog post for more information Starting out with Xerte Online Toolkits and there’s even training every month – including today – but not to worry if you miss it, there’ll be another Beginner’s session in January and every month ongoing.


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