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December 7, 2022, by Helen Whitehead

Timed document release in Moodle: Advent Calendar #7

Here’s a new feature in Moodle you might not have noticed, Timed Document Release. This resource was developed in direct response to the needs of students during take-home online exams. It allows anyone with an Editing Teacher role in Moodle to make a document (or set of documents) available to students, on or after a certain date and time.

Students do not need to refresh the browser once the document is available, as is the case with anormal File resource. Once the date and time has been reached, a timed document will just appear. In the meantime, there’s a countdown to show students exactly how long is left.

Where would you use the Timed document release?

  • To add an exam paper document for a Moodle take home exam.
  • To provide a document to students after a certain date and time in a way that also shows them clearly how long until it becomes available.  

More information from our Help page on how to add Timed Document release to your Moodle page.

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