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December 14, 2022, by Helen Whitehead

Join our team! Advent Calendar #14

Today is the best opportunity you’ll see this month – come and join our friendly and professional team in Learning Technology at the University of Nottingham. There’s an advert out at the moment for at least one Learning Technology Officer (Deadline 08 January 2023) but keep an eye out for others coming up.

The Faculty and School Support team are a front line team of Learning Technology consultants and officers who work closely with academic colleagues and students to help embed the use of digital learning tools and online pedagogy across the university. They are part of the Learning Technology Section in University of Nottingham Libraries. Most learning is blended, though there are some online courses, and each day is likely to be varied and interesting. You could be attending Faculty meetings, writing Help materials, running a training course, sorting out a problem for an academic, advising on new forms of assessment, or supporting a workshop to redesign a programme.

We asked the Team what our work is like:

Words that describe the Team:

Innovative; committed; friendly; dynamic; tenacious; professional; motivated; fun.

Learning technology excites us because:

  • The variety of people I meet.
  • Every day is different, bringing a new challenge…
  • … And there’s always something new to learn.
  • There’s the potential to transform students’ lives via their experience of learning.

What do you think will be the most important thing in learning technology in the next few years?

  • Online marking and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Moving services to the cloud.
  • Rise of personalised and tailored learning based on big data.
  • Convergence of technologies for learning, life and work.

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