The Your University Moodle Site for 2023, including an image looking over a lake to the white brick Trent Building on the University of Nottingham campus.

September 11, 2023, by Ben Atkinson

Your University Journey: New Starters

Each year the Learning Technologies team, in consultation with colleagues in different departments across the University, curate the new starter module ‘Your University Journey’ which runs on Moodle for all incoming undergraduate students. It is a self-enrolment module, which students are encouraged to follow as they begin their journey through University life and join us at the University of Nottingham.

The course is for students starting on their journey at the University of Nottingham in the UK, China and Malaysia. Over the course of this module students engage with lots of interesting and useful content to support them in their first weeks and months at University.

There is content about the University of Nottingham, living and studying the city of Nottingham, engaging with your academic studies and assessments, and so much more.

The course is split into a series of two-week units, which students can work through at their own pace and include such topics as adjusting to University life, group work, assessment and academic writing.

A white brick building on the far side of a lake, the Trent building on University of Nottingham UK campus.

Nottingham Advantage Award

This module also counts towards the Nottingham Advantage Award, and students can claim their work against the NAA if they complete all the required units and the quizzes in each section. More about the NAA can be found on the Moodle site in the Nottingham Advantage Award Section.

Getting Started

Students can start the course at any time until the end of December 2023 – although it is recommended that students engage as soon as they can after arrival as much of the content refers to the early weeks of University study. The first unit is 1. Getting ready to be a University of Nottingham student and will open in September 2023.

Module Team

This module is curated by a small group of colleagues from across the University but is curated by Ben Atkinson and Dr. Sarah Stubbings from the Learning Technologies team. You will see them and other colleagues engaging with student posts and often commenting on their submissions to group forums.

Try Your University Journey for yourself

We encourage all students and staff to engage with the Your University Module. Students and staff can both sign up to the module and engage with the content, and we always look forward to debate and discussions on our forums throughout the units that make up the module.

From post pictures, to completing puzzles and engaging with video and interactive content, there’s lots to do on this introductory module.

To find out more about Your University Journey and to take part in the module this year, please visit the Moodle site to enrol.





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