Rogo peer review example

April 6, 2022, by Helen Whitehead

Examples of Peer Review questions in ExamSys

When students take part in group work, part of the assessment is often for the students to review one another’s participation in the groups.

In ExamSys a “Peer Review” paper type is available to support this activity. These consist of Likert scale questions from which students make selections to review selected peers. They can be completed as individual or group reviews.

To set up a ExamSys Peer Review paper, create a paper as normal and select the Peer Review paper type. Then create and add Likert scale questions:

Possible questions

For each, the options will be radio buttons on the scale:

No contribution        Below average contribution       Good contribution         Excellent contribution

Questions will depend on the kind of activity being reviewed, and usually have 4-7 per review. They could include:

  • Attendance at group meetings
  • Contribution to group discussion/decisions
  • Research and information collection
  • Data collection
  • Literature searching
  • Writing the review
  • Design and production of presentation
  • Reliability and completion of tasks on time
  • Communicated thoughts and feelings effectively
  • Quality of work
  • Demonstrates a cooperative and supportive attitude
  • Contributes significantly to the success of the project

More information on ExamSys Peer Review papers

Rogo peer review example

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