April 7, 2022, by Helen Whitehead

Submitting dissertations and assignments

At dissertation time, we often get questions relating to preparation of documents and submitting online. Here are some of the things you can do to avoid problems previous students have had with submitting dissertations or assignments.

Preparing your document, including converting a document to PDF

Many dropboxes specify that a PDF must be provided.  Dissertations can be long documents, but try to avoid bloat!  Sometimes a document is too big to be converted into a PDF.

Common errors that cause Turnitin to reject assignments

Check your document is

  • A file of less than 100MB,
  • no more than 40 pages
  • has a filename that’s under 40 characters
  • Is comprised of at least 20 words of readable text (see above for how to create a PDF that’s machine readable).

See the Turnitin and Moodle Assignment Checklist for  more information on how to structure your document.

Academic Integrity and Turnitin

You should be familiar by now with the concepts around academic integrity and the actions you should take to avoid plagiarism.

There is some basic guidance in the University’s NOOC Academic Integrity: Values & Actions (UNUK) (self-enrol Moodle module).  To ensure Turnitin will accept your document and that you’re familiar with the submissions processes, you can run your document through the dropbox in Test Your Text  (self-enrol Moodle module). This will not add the paper to the database so will not match when you submit your assignment or dissertation for real.

Finally: don’t forget to submit your document to the dropbox in your module in good time!

Test Your Text page screenshot

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