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February 23, 2022, by Helen Whitehead

Word games and learning – make your own Wordle!

So have you caught the Wordle bug yet?  I have. And of course there’s a group of colleagues sharing our scores… It’s taught me a few things that I hope to apply to my digital learning design, particularly perhaps for revision and key learning points:

  • Make it a small activity: Wordle takes a few minutes a day, easy to fit into your life.
  • Make it fun and a challenge, but so that learners don’t lose too often and get dispirited (something I also apply to my escape games – they are difficult to completely fail).
  • Web-based – so it doesn’t have to be an app – but is easy to do on a mobile.
  • Competitive – there’s an easy way to share your success without giving the answer away. I haven’t figured out how to adapt this element for Moodle yet!

Wordle screenshotMeanwhile if you find Wordle too quick a challenge and want to try some similar challenges, here are some that are recommended.

  • Quordle: Solve four Wordle-type puzzles at once in nine guesses.
  • Nerdle: It’s a sum! Can you work it out?
  • Worldle:  Identify the country outline. Hints include the distance and direction to the answer.
  • Hogwartle: All the words are related to the Harry Potter stories and films.
  • Or play in other languages: French (Le Mot), German (Wordle), Italian (Verba), Spanish (Wordle), and Portuguese (Termo)

And you can even create your own Wordle to engage your students, perhaps involving vocabulary from your discipline.

Here is your (Excel-based) Moo(r)dle for the day! Download the file and open in your Excel app – it doesn’t work on the web – then click “Input word” and start guessing. When you’ve found ours, you can reset it with your own word and share it on. Our acknowledgement to for the template.

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