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February 10, 2022, by Helen Whitehead

How students can download and keep assignment feedback

We regularly get requests from students to access feedback on coursework from previous years.  Reasons can include needing evidence to write an application for a further degree, or having secured a job where you have a use for the information.

The University recommends that students download your feedback as soon as you get it, and at least by the end of the semester. Even if you think you’ll never need to review your assignments again, it’s easy and quick to download your feedback, and  is a useful backup, as it’s not easy to recover it when the module has been archived.

turnitin assignment logoIn a Turnitin assignment:   Full guidance on how to download grades and feedback. 

In short:

  • To download a PDF of your assignment with the feedback and mark received:
  • Click on the blue pencil icon to go into your feedback.
  • Ensure your feedback is visible on the screen in the Feedback Studio window
  • At the bottom of the menu bar, you will see two icons:
  • The first lets you choose to download the current view as a PDF file (with comments), a copy of your digital receipt and your original submitted file. The second gives submission details including the Submission ID, date and time of submission, when it was graded and the word count.
  • Once you have clicked the top icon a pop-up window will appear.
  • Select the Current View option(see below).   This will then prompt a PDF to be downloaded from Turnitin of your assignment with the feedback and mark.
  • Unfortunately there is no way to download audio feedback, though you could play and record it.

Moodle assignment iconIn a Moodle assignment, this is the process to view your marks and feedback

  • To view your feedback, go to the relevant Moodle site and then click on the submission drop box which you went to when you submitted your assignment.
  • Scroll down the page
  • Cut and paste any comments and marks and download any feedback files.

With Moodle assignments students will continue to have access to previous years’ submissions and feedback for as long as you are studying.

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