March 18, 2024, by Ben Atkinson

Call For Papers: Digital Accessibility Conference 2024

Call for papers is now open for the 2024 Digital Accessibility Conference hosted at the University of Nottingham! Please submit a proposal. The deadline for proposals is May 17th. Please address one of the conference themes. We want to keep the pace high during the day, and so we are keeping sessions quite short.

A Distrubuted Conference

With finances stretched cross the sector, we’ve taken the decision to run this year’s event online. But we still want to create opportunities for people to come together to share the experience.

We are encouraging participating institutions to use the event as a local conference, and to bring together all the different people working on digital accessibility in your organisations and to participate in the same physical space. There is huge value in building and strengthening the relationships across your organisations’ digital accessibility work.

It will be mid-summer, and hopefully the sun will be shining! We’ll run three tracks of talks and presentations on the day. Book some rooms for the day, maybe lay on a picnic and some refreshments if budgets allow, and invite your colleagues to join you for what promises to be an inspiring and stimulating day of talks and discussions.

Find out more about the distributed approach to conference on our website.

Plans and timeline

Submit a Proposal for the Conference

We encourage all submissions to the 2024 Digital Accessibility Conference, in any of the formats listed below.


Submit a poster, and a short video explaining your poster. We’ll create a virtual poster exhibition, as well as distributing posters to local event organisers to display on the day. You’ll need to provide a short video presentation around 2-3 minutes to go alongside your poster. If you need help hosting the video, please let us know.

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks will be short presentations of around six minutes duration. Lightning talks are an ideal way to introduce a key idea, or summarise the outcomes of a project to the audience.

Short Papers

Short papers will be presentations of around 15 minutes, with a few minutes for questions and answers, giving you a bit more time to talk through your ideas, and interact with the audience.

Round Table Discussions

Suggest a topic, or pose a provocative question, for a round table discussion which you will chair. We’ll help you find panel members if needed. Discussions will be around 30 minutes, offering plenty of time for debate.

Please submit a proposal.

Find out more about the Digital Accessibility Conference, including conference themes, submission and attendance details on the conference website.

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