August 3, 2022, by Helen Whitehead

Main new features of Moodle 3.11

The Moodle Upgrade to Moodle 3.11 has now been completed. Moodle looks and operates essentially the same as before: there are no major changes. There are a few new features:

  1. Student activity completion
    Instead of tick boxeMoodle completion tracking in 3.11s, there are now clear labels to indicate to students what they need “To do” and when completed. You can choose whether these appear or not when activity completion is enabled.
  2. H5P Content Bank: Places Linked
    Within the H5P Content bank you can now see, for any given H5P activity how many times this activity is linked to within the Moodle module.
    Content Bank Places Linked
  3. Assignment Word Limits
    The online text submission type in Moodle (not the document submission) can now have a word limit set.
    Assignment word limits
  4. Timed document release
    This is a new Resource created here in Nottingham to support online exams. A document such as an exam paper can be added from “Add an activity or resource” > Resource. Given a release time, the document will appear with a countdown timer to let users know how long they need to wait. They will not need to refresh.
    Timed Document Release
  5. Profile pronouns
    Users are now able, if they wish, to add their preferred pronouns to their Moodle profile page.
    Pronouns in Moodle profiles

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