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June 27, 2022, by Helen Whitehead

Changes to where Teams meeting recordings are stored

Next Monday 4th July, is now confirmed as the date when changes will take place to where Teams meeting recordings are stored. While new meeting recordings will continue to appear in the Teams Chat, they will NOT now be stored in Microsoft Stream.

  • Recordings will appear in your personal OneDrive if: you have created the meeting in Outlook (as a Teams meeting), or booked it in the Teams calendar outside of a Team’s Channel. They will appear in a folder titled “Recordings”.
  • Recordings will appear in your Teams Channel if: you book a Teams meeting in a Team’s Channel, or press the ‘Meet Now’ button in a Channel. The recording will be stored in the Channel’s Files section under ‘Recordings’

Expiry dates are not yet being applied but this is likely to come in a few months’ time. Existing recordings will stay in Stream for now.

For recordings used for teaching

Normally, recordings intended for access by students are downloaded (they’re .mp4 files) and added to Echo360 Engage for viewing through Moodle. While they’ll also be linked from the relevant Team meeting Chat (which is available to those who attended and those with access to the channel), it’s good practice, once available in Echo360/Moodle, to post a new link in the relevant Team indicating the video‘s permanent link. This ensures that videos are available to all registered students and appropriate staff, as well as being in line with the university’s policy on making Moodle the main source for teaching materials.

While moving videos from Teams to Echo360 Engage is straightforward, it’s also possible to connect your Microsoft Teams recordings to automatically upload to your Echo360 library or course.

More information

Training & Awareness sessions

  • Managing teaching recordings from Teams to Echo360 (webinar)
    In this session we’ll be looking at how the changes to Teams meeting recordings affect those using it for teaching and will demo the process for moving a Teams recording into Echo360 Engage. The short demo will be followed by a drop-in for questions and individual queries.
    12 – 12.30 Thursday 7 July
    12 – 12.30 Thursday 22 September



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