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February 15, 2021, by Helen Whitehead

MS Teams Tip of the Day: Keyboard shortcuts

Microsoft Teams has a number of quick tricks and keyboard shortcuts: these include shortcuts for moving around Microsoft Teams, opening menus, sending messages, and starting and ending calls, and more. Even if you’re unlikely to use many of them, it can be useful to know the shortcuts for the actions you use most often. Here are our favourites:

Testing call quality: If you use /testcall in the search bar, you can test your call quality without needing to schedule a meeting or fake ‘meet now’. Very useful if you want to test your setup before an important meeting. I’ve found that my speakers randomly drop out, so this is really appreciated to test them.

MS Teams type /Testcall to start a test call

Zoom in (only works on the Desktop app not the web app though) is:
Ctrl+Equals sign (=)
(I think of it as CTRL and +)
On a Mac that’s COMMAND and =
It’s really useful when you are attending a session and the presenter has a slide up with text that’s too small to read.

Zoom out again is:
CTRL+Minus sign (-)
(COMMAND + – on Mac)

Start new line. By default the format options in a Reply to a message are minimal, and to do proper formatting you need to click the first icon in the row below the Reply box.  However what I mostly need is a new line. You can do that with:

If you use Ctrl+Period (.) as a keyboard shortcut you can see all the options. Or go directly to  Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Teams [external link: new window].

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