Double Marking in Turnitin Assignments

April 12, 2021, by Helen Whitehead

Double marking in Turnitin Assignments in Moodle, using Feedback Studio

A requirement often mentioned to the Learning Technology Consultants is for two or more markers to work on a student submission. This often includes blind double marking – where not only does the marker not see the student’s name but each marker does not see the other’s marks or feedback until finalised.

Neither Moodle nor Turnitin have technical features enabling double marking, second marking, moderation or sampling, etc.. In most cases, an external document such as a spreadsheet or Word document, or two spreadsheets/documents, is still the best way to manage double marking. The two are then compared by the main marker (or during a meeting between markers). The main marker puts an agreed final mark and feedback into the online assignment, whether Moodle Assignment or Turnitin Assignment.

If you’re using Turnitin Assignments, Feedback Studio has a layers feature. Each marker annotating with QuickMarks gets their own “layer” – a set of comments to which their initials are appended.  A second marker can choose to hide that layer so that they do not see the comments previously made.  Students will see the initials of each marker on the annotations which are left in the document on release of feedback on the Post date.

Double Marking screenshot showing layers in Feedback Studio

However, the grade field and the overall comments field (and any audio feedback) cannot be hidden, and there is only one version.  So one option is for the first marker to put their grade and overall comment into a labelled QuickMark, and the second marker can hide it with the rest. Once both markers have done their work, the layers can be made visible and the feedback and final mark discussed and agreed upon. These can then transferred to the overall comment and grade fields. The interim QuickMarks can then be deleted before feedback is released to the students (on the Post Date).  By saving off the “Current View” before they are deleted, the process can be recorded.

Quickmarks in Feedback Studio used for double marking

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