April 8, 2024, by Laura Nicholson

Ten Moodle Tips and Tricks for Students

Many thanks to our guest author, Claire Storr, Learning Technology Consultant for Placements, for this week’s post. Claire shares some top tips for helping students make the most out of Moodle, from customising the Dashboard, to setting up Forum preferences.

1. Customise the dashboard

Click on the ‘Edit Mode’ toggle switch (top-right) and then select ‘Add a block’ to customise your Dashboard. You have the option to add the ‘Module Overview’, which enables you to see all your modules on the Dashboard, and you can also add your ‘Recently accessed modules’ for quick and easy navigation.


The Moodle Dashboard showingg the option to 'Add a block' with a drop-down list of options


2. Lecture Notes

You can write notes on your lecture recordings in Echo360 (Engage) using the Notes feature.

To take notes

  1. Click the Notes icon in the toolbar to open the Notes panel.
  2. Click in the Notes panel and start typing.
  3. At the end of each note, press Enter. This allows for the entry and syncing of a new note.

3. Self-enrol

Use ‘Home’ to find modules to self-enrol onto. Look out for the logo. Possible modules you could search for and self-enrol on are,  ‘Introduction to Moodle for Students’ or ‘Test Your Text’.

The option to click on a link to Test your Text to self-enrol

4. Test Your Text

Use the ‘Test Your Text’ page (under ‘More’) to get your Turnitin similarity score before submitting your assignment.

The more drop-down menu, with the first option in the list being 'tet your text'.

5. Timeline

Use the timeline block on your Dashboard to see all upcoming deadlines.

The timeline block on the dashboard with search and sort options.

6. Search

In the Module overview, on the ‘My Modules’ page, you can use the search bar to search through the modules you are enrolled on.

The search bar whihc can be found in the module overview.

7. Module Index

Use the Module Index to easily navigate around your module. From here, you can also directly access the different resources and activities. You can find it on the left-hand side of your module.

The module index which can be opened from the top-left of the screen.

8. Forum Notifications

Reduce the number of forum notifications you receive in Forum Preferences. You can find this in the menu by clicking on your profile icon in the top-right and selecting ‘Preferences’ from the drop-down menu.

The drop-down menu, which appears when you click your profile profile picture.

9. Sensus AccessSensusAccess logo

Download files and other items in an alternative format using Sensus Access. Look out for the SensusAccess icon (shown here to the right) in your modules.


10. Help

Access help resources from the Help and Support page (Under ‘More’) to access all the help in all things Moodle.


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