December 14, 2023, by Laura Nicholson

A Christmas Cryptic Crossword

Today, we’re delighted to present an absolute Christmas cracker, thanks to Jon Lewis, our Learning Systems Test Lead, who has created a Christmas cryptic crossword. 🎅

🖨️ Just print off the crossword and clues to enjoy at your leisure, or view below.

📅 Answers and explanations will be revealed next week, so pop back to this page on Monday, December 18th for the solutions. 🌟🎅


Download the Christmas Cryptic Crossword

All complete? The Christmas Crossword Solutions are now available.

The blank crossword grid



1 Professor of History’s female friend given first of many Christmas presents (6,9)

9 Positive vote behind tutor adjusting feature of desktop (3-4)

10 Local (the one in EastEnders) not taking sides in dramatic conclusion (7)

11 Perhaps Clive, Peter & Teresa laud misbehaving without chief of discipline (9)

12 Ruin every other kiss for Spencer’s partner (5)

13 Building American Dad’s source of entertainment (4)

15 Ultimately believe Dutch message can be taught (8)

19 US city extremely reluctant to interrupt one bordering #17 (8)

22 Test match initially absent from lesson (4)

26 Unwelcome guest among those sharing building with social sciences? (2-3)

28 Southern banker trimmed the setter’s suit! (9)

29 Copy lecturer, getting hold of ‘normal’ clothes (7)

30 Vote against Centre for Education occupying questionably messy testing site (7)

31 One’s neighbour playing hardball with wry liar (8,7)



1 Regularly losing sleep after judgement upset learning environment (6)

2 One avoiding suit against last president? (2-7)

3 Complain about onset of vague EU action for Turkey? (5,2)

4 Prominent Libertine injects most of lout’s sedative (6)

5 Prepared for 30 diverse careers (7)

6 Embrace Michael providing a balanced mixture of chemicals (7)

7 Student’s focus – a round at first, then this? (5)

8 Signed up, frantically still need to dodge initiation to Libraries (8)

14 Date oddly agreed to come back (3)

15 Term held up by madness (3)

16 University starts to figure out source of hoaxes (3)

17 Cashew occasionally props up curry, a European main (6,3)

18 Mature student’s aim? Stop working hard (8)

20 Unrefined slice of “marshmallow” brownies (3,4)

21 One wanting to overshadow learner is an annoying person (7)

23 Prohibit getting involved in opening of Recruitment Centre rubbish? (7)

24 Disclose “purest” ravers really all stripped more than once (6)

25 Barely passes English test, often dropping by to support head of Geography (4,2)

27 Place for Mike’s mate coming up well without use of banks (5)

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