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December 8, 2023, by Ben Atkinson

We Are Learning Technology

The Learning Technologies Section supports students and staff with their use of learning technologies, as well as maintaining, developing and upgrading core University teaching and learning systems.

We are a team of professionals, working at the crossroads of education, technology and creative media. Our role is to work with you as you create teaching resources, either on Moodle, in an Open Source Studio on campus, through bespoke media creation or in one of our many training sessions.

Our Section has a diverse skill-set and a range of experiences, from Higher Education research to user experience design and application development; from project management and consultancy to video production and multimedia design.

We work closely with academic colleagues to support the design and delivery of teaching for blended and remote delivery.

The section also manages the creation and production of multimedia resources, such as videos for delivery within Moodle or developing new functionality for Xerte.

We also support all the platforms and applications used to deliver learning, teaching and assessment activities.

Find out more about the team below, including who in the team works with each of our faculties at UoN.

The Learning Technology Team

Faculty and Schools Support Team Leader – Suzanne Wright

Senior Learning Technology Consultant – Alvaro Roberts

Learning Technology Consultants

Faculty of Arts – Sally Hanford
Faculty of Engineering – Claire Chambers and Dave Corbett
Faculty of Medical Health Sciences –  Dave Corbett
Faculty of Social Sciences – Joe Kenney
Faculty of Science – Ben Atkinson

Apprenticeships – Tendai Dube
Placements – Claire Storr
Researcher Academy – Barrie Edmonds

Learning Technology Officers

Faculty of Arts –  Lucky Bhandare
Faculty of Engineering – Liz Dinneen
Faculty of Medical Health Sciences – Laura Nicholson and Lucky Bhandare
Faculty of Social Sciences – Rebecca Boxall
Faculty of Science – Nicholas Cameron

Book a Learning Technology Consultation

Complete the MS Form today to book a consultation with your Faculty Learning Technology Consultant. Once we receive your submission we will be in touch to arrange a time to meet for a learning technology consultation.


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