Title slide of video. Moodle 4.1 introduction for staff

June 8, 2023, by Laura Nicholson

Moodle 4.1: Introductory video for staff

Moodle new iconsThis summer, Moodle will upgrade to version 4.1. This new version brings a range of positive changes to enhance the layout and appearance of your module site pages.

To ensure a smooth transition to Moodle 4.1, Nicholas Cameron has created an introductory video for staff to highlight upcoming changes before the launch. In this short 10 minute video, Nicholas highlights changes to the dashboard and demonstrates new features, such as the side navigation panel. For editing teachers, there is also an overview of some similarities and differences relating to icons, general navigation, and adding resources. For your convenience, the video is divided into chapters, allowing quick navigation to key topics of interest.

Other news

In the upcoming weeks, we will continue to update on additional information about Moodle 4.1, including an overview of a new collaboration tool called Moodle board.

Additionally, we encourage you to explore our previous blog posts and visit our SharePoint site for more detailed information on some of the changes ahead.

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