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March 22, 2023, by Helen Whitehead

The Blended and Hybrid Learning Design MOOC is now live on FutureLearn

COVID-19 has had a transformative impact on higher education. Blended and hybrid models of learning are now the norm, and not an anomaly.

On this five-week course from the University of Nottingham, you’ll explore a range of perspectives on blended and hybrid learning. You’ll examine key paradigm shifts in pedagogical thinking, and consider their implications for your own teaching practice. You’ll learn from leading thinkers like Stephen Downes, Diana Laurillard, Neil Selwyn, and Norman Vaughan.

Discover theoretical and philosophical frameworks for learning design

How you design courses depends on the conditions and resources available to you. Theories of time, space, and technology have much to contribute to debates around education.

You’ll start by reviewing a wide variety of theories and philosophies, discussing their implications for blended and hybrid learning. You’ll cover key concepts like flipped learning, asynchronous teaching, and connectivism in pedagogy.

Get practical tips on how to design effective blended and hybrid learning content

Once you’ve mastered the theory, you can begin to apply it in practice. In Weeks 3 and 4 of the course, you’ll receive practical guidance to use in your own teaching.

You’ll discover a range of platforms, apps, and tools, and develop strategies for designing accessible and engaging course content.

Understand the legislative and institutional context of blended and hybrid learning

No course can be designed without considering regulatory frameworks within higher education. In the final week of the course, you’ll explore the wider institutional and legislative context of blended and hybrid learning.

You’ll finish the course capable of designing courses that meet the demands of the post-COVID-19 era.

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