Moodle community plugin usage graph

September 7, 2020, by Helen Whitehead

Moodle improvements for all, from the University of Nottingham

Our key Moodle developer has been looking at our community plugins. By far the most popular of our plugins is Signup Sheets. Since the start of 2020 through to September 2020 we doubled the number of sites it is installed on from around 200 to 400 (we’re guessing thanks to the pandemic).  It has also been fully translated into Mexican Spanish, so we imagine it is getting plenty of use there!

Our second most popular plugin is the Full Screen button which is currently on 225 sites. It has been fully translated into German, Mexican and Portuguese.  Another of our plugins has been fully translated into Basque…

In fact we have contributed 7 plugins to the Moodle community so far [external link: new window], as well as helping to test and validate plugins written by other developers. The Moodle developer community is alive and well in Nottingham and all over the world, but – as is appropriate for such a high-stakes system – change can happen quite slowly.

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