August 23, 2017, by Chris Finch

Summer upgrades in Lecture Theatres and Teaching Rooms

Earlier this month, we alerted users to the programme of work being undertaken by Information Services to upgrade PCs in lecture theatres and teaching rooms to Windows 10.

We’re also introducing further changes to IT equipment and software in learning spaces that will benefit staff and students.

Changes to screen annotation

One of the advantages of Windows 10 is that is has in-built screen annotation. Previously, within Windows 7, separate software (‘Smart Notebook’) was provided to enable users to ‘write and draw’ on the screen. This software has been withdrawn following the Windows 10 upgrade. Instead, users will now be advised to use the in-built annotation available in many applications including PowerPoint, Adobe Acrobat Reader and OneNote.

If you have previously used the Smart Notebook software and would like support on how to use Windows 10 annotation features please contact the IT Service Desk. Please note that you will no longer be able to use or access previously created Smart Notebook content on lectern PCs.


Mirroring360 allows you to wirelessly share the screen of your personal device (i.e. mobile phone, tablet, laptop) with a PC attached to a projector in a lecture theatre or meeting room. Using Mirroring360 enables easy sharing of tutor/lecturer and student device screens during classroom teaching or lectures, in group work or in meetings. Mirroring360 is installed on all lectern PCs – find out more about this facility on our customer guides.

Audience Response Service

Information Services currently offers an audience response service, ‘TurningPoint’, which is a polling solution for management of content, participants, sessions and reports. This is a limited service which can be booked via Campus IT support. ‘TurningPoint’ is unsupported in the Windows 10 environment – any faults or issues will be managed on a best endeavours basis.

Note, if you use this service and are presented with options to upgrade the hardware, please DO NOT click upgrade the receiver as this is irreversible.

Did you know about interactive room guides?

Each room with a teaching PC  has an accompanying digital guide which illustrates how to make the most of the equipment. Links to the digital guides are found on the desktop of each corresponding PC, but can also be accessed from any PC, tablet or phone. We would encourage anyone using IT equipment in a teaching room to familiarise themselves with the equipment and facilities in advance. View the online toolkit to find out more about equipment in teaching rooms.

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If you have any questions, or require any support, please contact the IT Service Desk or your local Campus IT support team.

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