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January 8, 2021, by Chris Finch

Check Microsoft Teams is up to date

The University has been made aware of a recently disclosed vulnerability in Microsoft Teams that Microsoft fixed in October 2020.

Microsoft Teams should automatically receive software updates directly from Microsoft to keep you up to date with the latest version. However, we have information that suggests that some devices (running Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS) may not have received a software update for a while.

We will work with Microsoft to see if we can directly identify the devices that are affected. In the meantime, we’d like to ask you to check the software status of Microsoft Teams on any devices you may be signed in with using your University of Nottingham account.

You can check the software version of Microsoft Teams by clicking on your profile in the top right-hand corner of the Teams client, selecting “About” and then ”Version”. The version number will be displayed at the top of your screen.

Example of Teams version banner

If your version of Microsoft Teams last received an update in September or earlier than that, we’d ask you to manually download an update by clicking your profile and selecting “Check for Updates”. Microsoft Teams will then fetch any outstanding updates. You will not need to enter your password or restart your device after it applies.

If in the process of attempting an update you have any problems, or the device cannot or will not update, please report this to the IT Service Desk.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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