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September 29, 2020, by Chris Finch

New Engage (Echo360) transcript service

In response to the significant increase in online teaching, Libraries and Information Services have recently negotiated a new deal with Echo360 meaning that we now have increased capacity on the Engage service.

We now have in place: –

  • Additional capacity for general use which should avoid unexpected finance implications for over usage during the 20/21 academic year
  • A continuation of our 4-year retention policy
  • The capacity to put all new content through the Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) service, in line with Accessibility legislation, without additional costs.

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) is a new addition to the Engage service and we have configured ASR so that any new content created from 14:30 onwards on Friday 25 September will automatically be processed through ASR to produce a transcript.

Below are some questions and answers to help you get started with transcripts:

Do I need to do anything with the transcript? – The transcripts created by Automated Speech Recognition are not automatically applied to the video as Closed Captions.

You will need to edit the transcript to make any corrections and apply the edited transcript to the Closed Captions, which will then appear on the video.

The Adding Captions to your Engage recording using the automated transcript guide describes how to use the Transcript Editor.

Will this mean subtitles automatically appear when Echo360 recordings are played back? – If the Closed Captions have been applied to the video (as above) the captions can be turned on and off by the viewer using the CC button on the tool bar of the video.

If Viewers wish to read or download the transcript with the video this is dependent on where they are viewing the video.  Check out the online Engage: Viewing Video Transcripts guide for how to do this from Moodle or the Echo360 player.

What about content I’ve already published for this term? – If you have already published your recording to a course, you will need to re-publish the recording to apply the transcripts. If this fails, you need to contact Engage support

Information about publishing is available in the Share/Publishing content to a module guide.

I’ve already embedded my recording via Moodle, will the transcript appear? – The re-publishing of a recording will not change an embedded video on Moodle.

If you require the transcript to show within the embed you will need to un-embed and re-embed your recording. The How to add individual Engage videos into a Moodle page guide shows you how.

For all guidance with using Echo360, see the Engage for Staff Moodle page:

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