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International masters students share their advice for new starters

Neha, India:

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‘I would first like to congratulate all the offer holders and would like to say that just keep all your worries aside because once you’ll be here, everything will start falling in place one after the other without any hassle, and trust me, it will be a cake walk for you all. Just be ready to welcome the number of new and exciting things that the University, as well as the city, will be offering you.’

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Yin Mar, Myanmar (Burma):

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‘My number one important tip for all the international students is to never be afraid to step out from your comfort zone and once you step out of it, you will be amazed how capable of you are and you will be mature enough to stand on your own feet and there is nothing we cannot do. If there is a will, there will be always a way. Never stop trying to reach your dreams.’

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Yan, China:

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‘Learn to accept new things, including new environments,  friends and life. Try to join some societies or activities which can make you less homesick and also improve your interpersonal skills.’

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Nimal, India:

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For those staying in self-catered halls and private accommodation, learn to cook while coming to the University as eating outside may not be an economical and healthy option. The city of Nottingham is multi-cultural and big enough so that you can expect to get everything you get back home. Also, you can experience the ambience of Nottingham only in Nottingham. Be open to the diversity, enjoy it to the maximum and take every experience as a part of learning curve for life.’

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Nuria, Mexico:

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‘Try something new. Here in Nottingham I learnt how to play badminton and also started yoga lessons. The University offers 270 societies, find the one for you!’

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Shruti, India:

International Student Scholarships. Photos by Alex WIlkinson,

International Student Scholarships. Photos by Alex WIlkinson,

‘Being part of UoN is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Come to Nottingham with an open mind. Do not take some else’s experience as a road map to yours. Try new things, take risks, learn and have loads of fun.’

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