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#MyCheveningJourney – new Chevening Scholars joining us at Nottingham

We’re welcoming new scholars from around the world who have been awarded the UK’s prestigious Chevening Scholarships to study at The University of Nottingham. We introduced three of our new Chevening Scholars in our recent #chosenforChevening blog post. Now two more of our wonderful new Chevening Scholars talk about their Chevening journey to study with us.

Cecilia Oluwafisayo Aransiola

Cecilia Oluwafisayo Aransiola

Cecilia Oluwafisayo Aransiola, from Nigeria

I am dedicated to a life of service to humanity, especially the emancipation of women and children. I am very grateful to have been awarded the prestigious Chevening scholarship and I dedicate this award to all girls fighting for their right to education. This award will not just give me the opportunity to study for an LLM Human Rights Law degree, but, in reality be an avenue to further boost gender equality and promote human rights in Nigeria.

Studying at the global university of Nottingham is indeed a phenomenal opportunity to be further honed in human rights and to enable me fulfill my dreams in humility and diligent service to the women and children of Nigeria and the world at large.

Manuel Besares, from Mexico

Hi everyone. My name is José Manuel Besares López, and I’m a 24 years old Chevening Scholar from Tabasco, Mexico. I’m a Genome Biotechnologist by the School of Biological Sciences from the UANL at Monterrey, Mexico; and I’ll study the MPH Public Health (International Health) at the School of Medicine of The University of Nottingham.

Manuel Besares

Manuel Besares

I really love the Biological and Medical Sciences – I just love how the advances in Biology and Biotechnology have several positive impacts in public health, and therefore, to society. When I was an undergraduate student (and only 19 years old), I had the opportunity to serve my community through the HIV and Aids awareness, specially to young people. I used to be President of the Student Group of my college dedicated to that labour, BIDESIDA (Búsqueda de Información, Difusión y Educación en SIDA; Search and Diffusion of Information and Education about AIDS). In that moment I realized that I wanted to focus in public health for my professional life, but more than any other thing, to serve and be a change agent.

Before getting my Chevening Scholarship, I used to serve as Member of the Youth Council of the United States Consulate General at Monterrey, Mexico; and Advisor for the Student Groups of Social Responsibility of the School of Biological Sciences of the UANL.

As I said previously, I was selected as a Chevening Scholar, representing Mexico. Definitely, Chevening is changing my life (and I barely started my Chevening experience). Right now, I’m doing my luggage and preparing myself to start the adventure in my life: because if doing the Master of your dreams, in a prestigious university, in a country with really high standards of education was not enough, I’ve received the financial support, but more than any other thing, the boost of being part of an international network of leaders from all over the world, and the distinction of the United Kingdom as a strong candidate to empower my country through advances in public health! Wonderful. I truly consider Chevening as an opportunity in a lifetime – you’ll never regret applying!

From @biologiauanl to @MedicineUoN, I’m in my #journeytoUoN, since I’m #ChosenForChevening! I’m so thankful to the Chevening Secretariat, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the British Embassy at Mexico City, The University of Nottingham and the Ministry of Public Education of Mexico (SEP) for this award. I’m so excited to meet and learn from all my teachers, partners and colleagues in the UK. #MyCheveningJourney has started; Greetings and see you soon!

Manuel has also posted #MyCheveningJourney videos on YouTube.

Manuel Besares with the AIDS awareness student group BIDESIDA at UANL, Monterrey

Manuel Besares with the AIDS awareness student group BIDESIDA at UANL, Monterrey

New Chevening Scholars around the world are using the hashtags #chosenforChevening and #myCheveningJourney on social media to celebrate their scholarship and their preparations for study in the UK.

Applications for Chevening Scholarships in 2017/18 are open until 8 November 2016.
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