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International undergraduate students share their advice for new starters

Magda, Poland:

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‘Get involved! The first weeks of Autumn semester give you a beautiful opportunity to try billions of new things and make new friends. Do you like board games? Go to the board games society session! Want to learn how to meditate? Join Buddhist & meditation society! Want to meet people from your country? Nothing easier! Or if you are into sports, you can do literally everything. Even quidditch. Seriously! The first few weeks are great to get into something new, as many societies have taster sessions and you won’t be broken after trying everything out.

Societies are the best way of making new friends and expanding your horizons. Don’t limit yourself to your course, there are so many things that are waiting to be discovered by you!

A pro tip before you arrive: find the Facebook group of society with people from your country. Introduce yourself, talk to people. They may give you some useful tips and you’ll make friends before you even arrive! I’ve done that and it helped me a lot. You can find all the societies on the SU website.’

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Ioana, Romania:

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‘You will absolutely enjoy your time here as everyone is friendly around campus; if you get lost you must not be afraid to ask for directions and Freshers’ Week is designed to help adjust new students to university life as a whole.’

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Rebecca, Italy:

‘Don’t be afraid of not fitting in! The University is an extremely welcoming environment in which you’ll be surrounded by lovely people and you will definitely find someone you’ll get along with!’

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Frida, Indonesia:

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‘I’d say to make the best of your time here, as time flies really quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be graduating and moving on to a different chapter in life, so make sure that you try out the things that you want to try, and do the things you want to.’

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Eve, China:

‘Be yourself with confidence and make yourself laugh everyday.’

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