July 7, 2016, by International students

Meet our Student Callers: Ioana from Romania

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Ioana enjoying the sunshine at Jubilee Campus

If you hold an offer to study at The University of Nottingham, you might be lucky enough to receive a call from one of our international students. Romanian student Ioana has been speaking to students all over Europe to let them know what life at Nottingham is really like. 

Why did you choose to study at Nottingham?

The reason I chose to study at The University of Nottingham is mainly because it is part of the Russell Group and it offers my favorite course (Joint Honors French and Contemporary Chinese Studies); a course that not many universities are able to offer. Also, I like to believe that by studying here, I will be able to build a career in teaching or translating, something that will open new horizons in my future.

The fact that the campus is the greenest in the world and it is in harmony with nature also positively influenced my decision to study here. We have wildfowl around all three campuses, not to mention the mesmerizing lake where you can also spend your time studying on sunny days.


What is your favorite thing about living in Nottingham?

Bus and geese

As a student, I really enjoy the affordable transport; all you need is £1 for the bus to take you from the campus to the city centre and £1 to come back, but I also love that the city is full of history – most famously Robin Hood.

Where is your favorite place in Nottingham, and why?

My favorite place is Kitty Café as it is unique. The great part about it is that it has cats inside and you can relax with a cup of coffee and enjoy the company of a feline friend – you can even adopt one if you make a connection with it!

Where is your favorite place to eat out in Nottingham, and why?

The Chinese restaurant Free Seasons would be the place that I would choose as the atmosphere is very relaxing and intimate, there is good food and it has a wide variety of food to choose from, not to mention the generous staff who always make sure that you are content with what you are served.

Are you part of any societies?

No, for my first year I chose to focus on the gym as it was only 5 minutes away by foot and I wanted to tone my body due to the new equipment and facilities that they had purchased. I must admit I enjoyed the sporty life more than the cultural one in my first year but I will definitely participate in societies in my second year. I hope to make friends with more people from my department and hopefully see if I can travel abroad during the summer holidays to improve my French and my Chinese.

What’s the most frequently asked question students ask you, and what advice do you give them?

The most common question I am usually asked is about the accommodation, particularly from International Students and I suggest that they stay on campus during the first year and have catered meals. They can socialize and meet new friends, be close to lectures and be safe too. But I am also asked about the overall atmosphere and how people behave towards them; thus I reassure them that they will absolutely enjoy their time here as everyone is friendly around campus; if they get lost they must not be afraid to ask for directions and Fresher’s Week is designed to help adjust new students to university life as a whole.

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