September 21, 2016, by International students

International PhD students share their advice for new starters

Malathe, Sudan:

‘Get into different experiences, share your thoughts, your culture, your traditions and even your research or project, engage as much as you can, it is a once in a lifetime experience.’

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Alberto, Spain:

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‘Moving to a different country is exciting but can also be quite challenging sometimes. In the end, however, the pros always surpass the cons. It is an experience that will definitely make you grow up and will open up a vast amount of opportunities for you in the future. But do not forget that you cannot do all this alone. Never miss a chance to meet people, make some friends, or discover something new. With tens of clubs and societies, and all kinds of events going on during the year, you will very soon meet someone with your own interests. University is not only about learning, but also about sharing.’

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Usanee, Thailand:

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‘Prepare your mind for the new things that are going to happen to you. Studying at Nottingham is full of joy and happiness. If you feel down some day, just keep your chin up and keep moving on. All of it will be a good experience for you.’

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Jingjing, China:

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Jingjing is a member of the Latin, Ballroom and Salsa Society

‘For international students, I would say: Please do not let homesickness get you down after arrival. Get involved in all kinds of activities held by the Students’ Union and International Office. Try to learn the culture of the community that you live or work in and make more friends.’

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Hisham, Egypt:

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Hisham at Nottingham’s famous Wollaton Park

‘Enjoy your University life to the maximum; you won’t get this opportunity again to gain such valuable experience.’

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Wei, China:

Wei in front of the Nottingham sign at our University Park Campus

Wei in front of the Nottingham sign at our University Park Campus

‘Engage, embrace and get involved!’

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