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Meet our Student Callers: Usanee from Thailand

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If you hold an offer to study at The University of Nottingham, you might be lucky enough to receive a call from one of our international students. Thai student Usanee is studying a PhD in Pharmacy. 

Why did you choose to study at Nottingham?

I decided to pursue a PhD degree at The University of Nottingham because the University has a high reputation in research as well as a top-ranked School of Pharmacy. Academic staff members have an expertise in the field and the university staff is very generous and helpful. The campuses are beautiful and peaceful.

What is your favourite thing about living in Nottingham?

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Nottingham city provides everything that you are looking for. The city centre is easily accessible. The bus system here is perfectly arranged and pretty cheap as they offer a student ticket. Also, the living cost in Nottingham, compared to other cities, is cheaper. I can save money for travelling to other places in the UK. From my own experience, the people living in Nottingham are friendly and helpful.

Where is your favourite place in Nottingham, and why?

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I love walking in the University Park, one of the university’s campuses. The natural surroundings are so stunning. I enjoy taking pictures around the campus. I have never been bored doing this.

Another favourite place is the city centre where I can hang out with friends or do shopping at the weekend. The old market square, especially in the winter, is beautifully decorated and full of activities such as the Christmas market, fairs and fireworks.

Where is your favourite place to eat out in Nottingham, and why?

I like to have Asian food in the city centre. It can be Thai, Korean and Chinese food. The restaurant that I usually go to is Pan Asia. I think they are very good at Kimchi fried rice. Sarangchae, Zaap and Mandarin restaurants offer authentic food. I love having meals at these places.

Are you part of any societies?

I have not yet been a member of any societies but I am planning to join the TED society soon. I would love to practise public speaking as well as listening skills.

What’s the most frequently asked question students ask you, and what advice do you give them?

Most students usually ask me about how hard studying in the UK  is and where the best accommodation to live is. For the first question, I will suggest them to not be afraid of studying in the UK education system although it is very different from the system in Thailand. I encourage them to open their mind, be prepared especially to learn English and the new culture.

For the accommodation, I would suggest them to study the options carefully. They can compare the location, price and others by just surfing on the internet and the university website. I advise them to select one based on their situation.

What’s your number one tip for international students coming to Nottingham?

Prepare your mind for the new things that are going to happen to you. Studying at Nottingham is full of joy and happiness. If you feel down some day, just keep your chin up and keep moving on. All of it will be a good experience for you.

What are you hoping to do after you graduate/finish your course?

Applying for jobs or internships in the UK might be an interesting option for me soon after graduation. However, my goal is to run my own business based on the knowledge in pharmaceutical science. I not only want to build up my business but also hope that my products can help other people.

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