March 10, 2016, by International students

Meet our Student Callers: John from USA

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If you hold an offer to study at The University of Nottingham, you might be lucky enough to receive a call from one of our international students. In addition to being a student caller, John has been creating vlogs (video blogs) of his time at Nottingham – you can watch him on YouTube.

Why did you choose to study at Nottingham?

I had recommendations from a close friend who got her masters here, as well as a former professor from my undergraduate university who completed a research fellowship here. They both had nothing but excellent things to say about the university! An added bonus is that the campus is seriously beautiful.

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What is your favourite thing about living in Nottingham?

The energy. There’s a lot going on here, but nothing is ever too crazy or rushed (except the high street at Christmas), and you can always find cool side streets and quiet areas to get away from the action.

Where is your favourite place in Nottingham, and why?

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Recently, it’s been 200º off Market Square. Such amazing coffee and a really nice intimate atmosphere to just chill or study. And the pastries are very tempting.

Where is your favourite place to eat out in Nottingham, and why?

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Baresca has great tapas and a really nice atmosphere. There’s tons of cool prints and decorations on the walls, cool music, and all sorts of Spanish specialty foods for sale to cook with at home.

Are you part of any societies?

I’m in the Art History Society! Recently we had a Chinese Painting class at Lakeside Arts, it was so much fun!

What’s the most frequently asked question students ask you, and what advice do you give them?

A lot of people ask how I adjusted to life in the UK, and how difficult it was. I just tell them honestly that it didn’t even feel like an adjustment, it was very fluid and natural. Everyone is really nice and helpful, and they’ll be just as interested in the differences in your culture as you are about theirs.

What’s your number one tip for international/EU students coming to Nottingham?

Bring a variety of clothing with you. The weather is generally nice, but can be very unpredictable!

What are you hoping to do after you graduate/finish your course?

Eventually I’d like to get my PhD in Art History, but that’s not set in stone! I’d be happy working in a museum setting, social media and blogging, or art direction in the fashion industry.

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