May 25, 2018, by Aleisha Turner

Research data management

A service fit for the future

The biggest question our IT-Services will have to answer in the near future is how we help researcher and academic staff achieve our research ambition.

With this in mind, a new Research Data Management (RDM) Service is being developed to put in place a capability to comply with funders’ requirements for research data archiving and open research data. This Digital Research Environment encourages and enhances researchers’ capacity to derive value from both active and archival research data.  Creating a new service, first and foremost, requires input from those who will be using the service. That’s why the new RDM (research data management) service is the product of collaboration between UoN researchers, Information Services, the Strategic Change Unit and Digital Research Specialists. The UoN Digital Research blogs provide an in-depth look at the scope of the RDM project and methodologies used in delivering the RDM service.

In short, the new service will offer:

  • a centralised system for researchers to choose the best technology for managing their data
  • robust, reliable archiving
  • compliance with new GDPR legislation as well as ISO standards

The procurement of the on site storage required to meet these objectives is now complete. We are currently working with researchers to test Office 365 and NetApps cloud technology as RDM solutions. The research data management project is one of the key projects that underpins the digital research environment strategy (DRES).

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