May 25, 2017, by Sharon Caine

Student feedback – IT Services in Halls

In March 2017, Information Services (IS) distributed a survey to University Halls asking students to provide us with feedback about the IT facilities in their accommodation. The survey included questions about the use of wired connections in Halls, the printer service and support offered at start of session.  All respondents were entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

358 people representing 13 University Halls responded to the survey. The winner of the prize draw was Rachel Goldstein from Ancaster Hall. Congratulations to Rachel and many thanks to everyone who responded to the survey.

A brief summary of the results from the survey are outlined below.

Use of wired connections in Halls

  • Around 50% of respondents used a wired connection when studying, watching video, streaming music or gaming
  • Respondents mostly used laptops (76%) desktops (18.5%) PlayStations (11.9%) and Xboxes (11.9%)
  • Over 50% of respondents said they would prefer to connect wirelessly if possible

The main reasons for preferring a wired connection were stability and speed and that some ports for gaming were blocked by the wireless service.

Print Service in Halls

Although most students knew about the availability of a printer in their Hall, 37% of students did not know this service was provided. Those that were aware and had used the printer found it very useful to have that provision in Halls. Negative feedback centred around paper and cartridges not being replenished and there were mixed responses in terms of clear operating instructions. Over 75% of respondents had heard of the mobile print service and many had used it. Although useful, the mobile print service was generally considered to be slow. More publicity about the service and how to use it was suggested.

Thank you again to everyone who completed this survey which will help IS to make some service improvements in these key areas.

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