May 7, 2017, by Sharon Caine

UoN 0ffice 365 – Skype for Business

This is the first in our series of blogs looking at how UoN staff can best use the range of 0ffice 365 tools in our University workplace. Today’s blog focusses upon how the IT Service Delivery team based at Kings Meadow Campus have successfully opened up the lines of global communication to collaborate with their counterparts in China and Malaysia on a daily basis using Skype For Business.

The scenario
Every morning, the IT Service Delivery team hold a ‘start of day’  session. The aim of this meeting is to review any incidents or areas of concern that may be impacting IT services across the global University network that UNUK, UNNC and UNMC colleagues need to be aware of. Initially, this meeting was held physically in a room at Kings Meadow Campus, just involving UNUK colleagues, following up with global colleagues after the event. However, since the introduction of Skype for Business – this has revolutionised the way that ‘start of day’ meetings are held, which are now an interactive, global and truly collaborative experience.

What is Skype for Business

Skype for Business – Focus on the things you’re doing together, even when you’re far apart …

Skype for Business is an application that enables users to connect, communicate, and collaborate with colleagues on a global platform from their desktop or mobile device via voice, instant messaging, real-time meeting collaboration or video-based screen sharing. Up to 250 people can join a single Skype meeting using PCs, laptops, phones, tablets or meeting room devices with the ability to schedule a meeting in advance or start one at any time. Skype can also be used to make free audio calls (skype-to-skype), video calls and receive calls directly. You can record and play back Skype meetings, share your desktop or presentation with attendees – you can even co-author attachments, share a whiteboard for feedback or run an instant poll!

How the IT Service Delivery team use Skype for Business

Using Skype for Business, IS colleagues from UNUK, UNMC and UNNC can now communicate easily and effectively on a daily basis. A regular Skype meeting is set-up in diaries in advance – just requiring all parties to put on their headsets and dial into a single call. The host can present via Skype, share documents and communicate freely with all contributors. Using Skype has helped to overcome global boundaries for IT Service Management. Calls are direct, focussed and quick, enabling each campus to have a short concise overview of service status – and there’s always room for pleasantries, networking and comparing the weather across our global campuses!

How to find out more

  • View our workspace customer guide to see how you can get started with Skype for Business
  • Contact IS if you’d like us to come and demo Skype for Business in your School/ Department
  • Access training on Skype for Business via ‘Imagine Academy’
  • View our short presentation on all the features and applications offered by Office 365

Skype for Business –  try it today. Connect, communicate, and collaborate with colleagues using voice, instant messaging and video ..

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