March 20, 2017, by Sharon Caine

Important Changes to the Intranet Portal

The University of Nottingham (UoN) Intranet Portal can currently be accessed by staff, students and applicants from the UK, China and Malaysia via

The Portal was developed a number of years ago in order to provide a central repository of core information via ‘tabs’ and ‘channels’ that was tailored to individual staff and student requirements.

Over the last few years, developments in other technologies (i.e. UoN website, new applications and systems), have resulted in the vast majority of content on the Portal being moved or now available elsewhere in more dynamic and current formats. In addition, the age of the Portal and the technology that underpins it, are no longer supportable or scalable and present an operational risk to the University.

To ensure that key information and services for staff and students continue to be readily accessible and on supported, reliable platforms, from March 2017, Information Services will start making changes to the Portal.

These changes will involve phasing out information on the Portal that is readily available elsewhere and turning off Portal ‘tabs’ and ‘channels’ in a controlled process. Before any changes, we will communicate with IT Reps across the University and with stakeholders to provide prior notice and ensure that new ways access to information and services are clearly signposted. Messages will also be published on the login page of the Portal to signify upcoming changes and where to seek help.

Information Services are confident these changes will ensure that core services and information for staff and students continue to be readily available and based on the latest, supported technologies.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the upcoming changes to the staff and student Portal, please contact the IT Service Desk.

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