December 19, 2016, by Aleisha Turner

Introducing UoN BOX Cloud Storage for Research Data

UoN BOX now available

The University recommends BOX cloud storage for data generated, processed, analysed and stored as part of your research.

In order to manage research data well, you need a flexible solution for data storage, sharing and collaboration. Information Services, along with researchers, have been piloting the BOX cloud storage solution for research data management. Following this pilot, we are ready to open UoN BOX as an option for storing research data.

BOX makes it easy to organise and share data. It offers automated back up for additional resilience and security. Data stored in BOX can be retained when staff leave the University or change their role. This ensures that research teams won’t lose data when someone leaves.

BOX offers many of the features identified as essential for the management of research data:

  • No limits on storage
  • A range of built-in native file viewers
  • Support for added metadata
  • Online file editing
  • Sync BOX with desktop folders for one-step editing
  • Version control on all files, allowing you to revert and compare changes
  • Include BOX file links in the place of email attachments for more efficient collaboration
  • Add collaborators to folders
  • Link BOX accounts to third-party apps and services
  • Recover deleted files up to 90 days after deletion
  • View account content and activity on mobile devices from any location
  • Track account activity via notification subscriptions

Please note, UoN BOX must not be used to store and share Highly Confidential information. For example:

  • Personally identifiable health information,
  • Personally identifiable charge or conviction data,
  • National security information or,
  • Equivalent highly confidential material.

Check out this comparison of BOX and Dropbox for team use.

Everything you need to know to set up your UoN BOX storage account is available on the Workspace (login required).

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