September 26, 2016, by Aleisha Turner

Phishing emails target new students

New students are an easy target for phishing email scams.

The BBC recently reported on a phishing scam that specifically targets new University students. The scam email looks like it is from a University’s finance department and prompts students to fill in a form online with their personal banking details in order to claim a grant. Victims have had money taken from their bank accounts.

Our University Finance and IT departments will never ask you to confirm personal details by following a web link (and neither will your bank, Facebook or other social media sites).

Our  ‘Avoid Phishing emails’ website outlines tips on how to spot scam emails. Visit our new Cyber Safety web pages to learn other ways to stay safe online.

If you think you have given your personal information out through an email scam, contact the IT Service Desk for help.

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