December 21, 2015, by Sharon Caine

New app developed to speed up IT service calls



This month Information Services have launched a new app for University PCs and laptops that quickly identifies key information about a device when the user is seeking support.

Once launched, the app immediately displays core information about a device, permitting more time for IS to sort the problem rather than asking questions!

How to launch the app
Here’s how you launch the app from a University Windows PC:
• Go to Start>Search Programmes
• Type ‘servicedesk’ (without the quotation marks)
• Press return

After pressing return, a pop up window will appear with all relevant information about the individual PC which the user can quickly and easily relay to the individual dealing with their query.

One of our first customers in Chemistry commented, ‘[the app] made it much easier to find the data IT Service Desk needed to access my PC remotely – one search rather than navigating through Control Panel. It looks to be a very useful addition’

We know that nobody likes calling to report a problem – but we hope that this development makes it quick and painless for our users when they do.

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