October 26, 2015, by Aleisha Turner

IT Service Desk Improvements mean fewer calls and better service


The UK IT Service Desk has taken a Systems Thinking approach to how they manage requests for help from staff and students. This has led to an increase in the number of issues that are resolved at the first point of contact and prevented the need for approximately 600 calls to Service Desk.


Your IT Service Desk colleagues

IT Service Desk analysts have also been studying the nature of the demand they see every day.  “When someone contacts us, it could be they want a service we provide – such as getting a new PC and is the type of contact we want (Value Demand). If, for some reason, that service isn’t provided at the right time, or in the right way, then this may also result in a need to contact the IT Service Desk again to chase the status of the call, which is a type of Preventable Demand,” explained Ian Hill, Senior Service Improvement Analyst. “In looking at ways to increase calls we can resolve the first time, we gave additional training Service Desk staff which will speed up around 800 access requests a year.”

Systems Thinking

Christian Dambacher leading a ‘board meeting’

Christian Dambacher and Gary Webb are continuously recording the types of calls they receive. “When we have identified some ‘preventable’ demand, we come up with ideas about how to resolve those issues the first time someone contacts us or make changes so they don’t need to contact us. We share these ideas with our colleagues at weekly ‘board meetings’ to gather their thoughts on how can continue to improve the service we provide,” said Christian.

Systems Thinking is an approach used throughout Information Services as a way to improve the services we provide to staff and students.


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