September 6, 2019, by Aleisha Turner

HGV Incident Hotspot Analysis

Hot spot identification (HSID) problems are present across several domains, such as health care, security, maintenance, energy or transport. A hot spot can be defined as an area with high likelihood of occurrence for a certain event. In public health care, algorithms to determine hot spots could be employed for early detection of locations of an epidemic outbreak.

The Digital Research Service enabled identifying hot spot areas of potential danger to drivers across the whole country and this information is now also being used by the police. An adaptive algorithm was developed, inspired by the immune system and pheromones to dynamically determine the importance of hot spots based on current and past data, eliminating old hot spots, and adding new relevant locations. This led to a better understanding of HGV driving behaviour and led to creating new driving and safety standards within the HGV industry and promotes societal impacts by encouraging changes regarding driving safety and economy in the UK.

Posted in Data Analytics