September 6, 2019, by Aleisha Turner

Helping to find the UK’s best HGV driver

The hotspot analysis and HGV driver profiling work also contributed to Microlise’s Driver of the Year competition which recognises the UK’s most talented HGV drivers. Data analysis undertaken by members of the Digital Research Service generates an initial shortlist of fifteen drivers in each of the three categories – short, medium and long-distance drivers.

The data was analysed to identify the best criteria to establish the top performing drivers. The initial selection was made based on a minimum number of miles driven across each of the four quarters in 2014. Each qualifying professional belonging to one of the three categories was then assessed using a range of criteria compared to other drivers from the same category. The Digital Research Service was able to bring a range of data analytics knowledge and expertise together to provide objective and scientific data to help Microlise identify the winner of the Driver of the Year award.

The developed methodologies have since been reused and developed further and have been contributing to subsequent Driver of the Year awards.

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