August 2, 2017, by Stuart Moran

Fake News, Digital Sociology and Computerphile

The Digital Research Team have been working with Dr Christian Karner from the School of Sociology and Social Policy to enhance his research through use of different digital technologies. This led to a research project in collaboration with Dr Martin Flintham from the School Computer Science looking at Fake News. Christian recently filmed an interview for the YouTube channel Computerphile, which focuses on researchers discussing Computer Science principles and techniques. This is a fantastic platform for Christian to showcase the broader role of Sociology in Digital Research to a technically oriented audience.

You can view Christian’s video below: (or here)

As an active researcher, I also engaged with the research project as a Computer Scientist and you can hear my perspective on the work here.

If you are interested in learning how digital technologies can enhance your research, please get in touch with the Digital Research Team.


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Stuart Moran, Digital Research Specialist for Social Sciences

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