May 2, 2017, by Stuart Moran

Research Data and Software Agreements: Digital Research Case Study 14 2017

The Digital Research Team are here to help researchers make best use of digital technology for their work. An intriguing side-effect of this is the increasing need to effectively govern and manage the risk around the use of digital technologies creating new demands on researchers within the digital context. For example, a researcher who creates a new piece of software to be used by the community/public will need to ensure that an appropriate terms of use and licensing are drafted to protect themselves and the University.

While we do not have the legal expertise to address this within our team, there are teams across the University that do. As a part of this case, we are looking to explore what types of technology legal support are available at the University, and how the Digital Research Team can help researchers take advantage of this.

Below is a list of the blogs which summarise the activities, findings and achievements of this digital initiative:

  1. Transcription Services: A First Step Toward Safe Use
  2. Investigating Automated Transcription and Translation

  Stuart Moran, Digital Research Specialist for Social Sciences

Posted in Research Data Management