March 30, 2017, by Stuart Moran

Digitising Paper Based Research Data: Digital Research Initiative 1 2017

As a Digital Research Specialist, researchers often say to me: “What do I need technology for?” This comes as no surprise since many types of research do not immediately lend themselves to digital technology. For instance Ethnography, the systematic study of people and cultures, is typically achieved through just using pen and paper. In fact, many paper-oriented researchers (think books, notepads, manuscripts, newspapers) perceive there to be little value of technology to what they do.

Part of my role is to challenge this view, and there are many ways digital technologies can support paper-based research; particularly around its dissemination. I am currently focusing my efforts on how digital technologies can support the point of data collection – which is the core paper element of the research.

Below is a list of the blogs which summarise the activities, findings and achievements of this digital initiative:

  1. Introducing Handwriting Technologies
  2. Xerox Printers as a Research Tool
  3. Emerging Research Opportunities from Digitised Newspaper Data
  4. Digitally Preserving the Hennessey Collection
  5. “What is a qualitative researcher to do…” – Digitising a Newspaper Archive 


 Stuart Moran, Digital Research Specialist for Social Sciences

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