March 27, 2017, by Stuart Moran

Digital Sociology: Digital Research Case Study 3 2017

The School of Sociology and Social Policy is home to many researchers who could benefit from the use of digital technologies, but miss out on these opportunities due to a perceived lack of relevance. As a first step toward challenging this perception, the digital research team have facilitated an interdisciplinary collaboration between Christian Karner, Associate Professor in Sociology and Martin Flintham, Assistant Professor in Computer Science.

The idea is to re-frame established sociological research on cultural memory and use it as a novel lens with which to understand and inform the appropriation of news in digital and social media. It is through this collaboration that we hope to demonstrate the value of digital research and instill an interest in technology.

Below is list of the blogs which summarise the activities, findings and achievements of this case study:

  1. Classifying and verifying fake news in social media
  2. Surveying traditional and digital consumption of fake news 
  3. Use of affordable eye tracking in news verification strategies
  4. Fake news research study outcomes and reflection
  5. Fake news, digital sociology and computerphile


Stuart Moran, Digital Research Specialist for Social Sciences

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