March 24, 2017, by Stuart Moran

Secure RDM in Education: Digital Research Case Study 2 2017

The School of Education works with a vast range of personally sensitive research data, much of which involves teaching and learning with children. The SoE also has a significant throughput of post-graduate researchers per year, meaning research data is being created and archived quickly. An added complexity is that much of this data is gathered in the field both locally and internationally. The digital research team are looking to understand how data is being managed across the School and to trial a series of technologies and processes to help securely managed their research data.

Given the SoE has some of the most complex data management needs across the University, the goal is to develop a suite of secure technologies, that can act as ‘cookie-cutters’ and be directly applied across the University.

Below is a list of the blogs which summarise the activities, findings and achievements of this case study:

  1. Emerging data management needs in the School of Education


Stuart Moran, Digital Research Specialist for Social Sciences

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