March 23, 2017, by Stuart Moran

Computational Geography: Digital Research Case Study 1 2017

The School of Geography has several researchers who require large amounts of computational power to analyse their research data. The digital research team are trialing a new Research Software Engineering (RSE) service which will offer support and consultancy in the use of high performance computing. The RSEs will help researchers to gain access to different types of compute provision, use new analytical techniques and to optimize their code.

The main goal of the service will be to ensure that all researchers across the University will have the capability to use high performance computing. Researchers may want the RSEs to do the analysis entirely on their behalf, or may simply just want to seek advice and guidance.

Below is a list of the blogs which summarise the activities, findings and achievements of this case study:

  1. Research software engineering support in Geography
  2. Working toward the provision of cloud compute services


Stuart Moran, Digital Research Specialist for Social Sciences

Posted in High Performance Computing