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March 19, 2024, by brzms6

Why should I attend Future Leaders? Insights from alumni

Are you a student on the brink of graduation, ready to step into the professional world? If so, our Future Leaders event offers an exclusive one-day professional development opportunity, offering insights, networking opportunities, and practical tips to equip you with the essential skills and mindset for success for final year students.

Recently, we caught up with two alumni, Rupesh and Max, let’s hear their reflections and how the Future Leaders shaped their professional journeys.

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Rupesh’s Perspective: I pursued a master’s degree in applied sports and exercise medicine and currently working as an exercise and wellbeing coach at Your Healthcare CIC, Surbiton.

Max’s Perspective: I am a Physics graduate, and since my summer 2023 graduation I have been working at a tech company dedicated to repairing and troubleshooting common IT issues for businesses and individuals.

What did you learn from the Future Leaders event?

Rupesh’s Perspective: The Future Leaders event was incredibly insightful. I gained valuable knowledge on showcasing skills. While I was already active on LinkedIn, the event fuelled my enthusiasm, and I became more obsessed with leveraging the platform. It helped me connect with alumni who took the same course, providing a unique opportunity to learn from their experiences.

Max’s Perspective: The Future Leaders course helped me identify my strengths and understand how to apply them in the workplace, and highlight my weaknesses so that I can grow and work on. This has fuelled my job search after university into the working sectors that I enjoy.

How is it helping you now within your role?

Rupesh’s Perspective: The event, particularly the focus on LinkedIn, has been instrumental in expanding my professional network. Connecting with individuals who share my interests, including alumni from the same course, has proven invaluable. Ash’s guidance has contributed to my enhanced skills and confidence in presenting myself on paper. The support from the Careers and Employability Service has truly had a positive impact on my professional development.

Max’s Perspective: Knowing that I enjoy working in a leadership focussed role but starting as a graduate IT technician has been challenging. Fortunately, I have joined a small company which allows me a lot of input into our working processes. Since working here, I have developed several helpful tools to make our workflow smoother. For example, the Kanban method so that jobs can be tracked from start to end.

If you could go back now, what top tip would you give to your younger self entering the workplace?

Rupesh’s Perspective: It would be to overcome shyness and proactively connect with people. I’ve realised the importance of networking beyond my immediate field of study. Building connections with individuals from various departments opens doors and provides valuable insights. And, of course, the power of networking extends to referrals—a crucial aspect of navigating the professional world. So, my top tip would be: Connect, connect, connect!

Max’s Perspective: Don’t think that a job is a rigid routine. No matter how small you start, you have the power to change things for the better – and you will.

Rupesh and Max’s experiences show us that success comes from grabbing opportunities and embracing change. 

Ready to kickstart your career journey? Gain essential skills and insights for the professional work by applying for Future Leaders now, applications close on Friday 5 April. 

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